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My name is André Inácio and I am a motion designer.

If you like my work, contact me. I will be very happy to work with you.


I was always fascinated by games and animations and when I was a child I believed that at some point I could work with it, but at that moment it was just a distant dream.


I left that dream aside for a while and specialize in marketing and advertising, which was an incredible journey of learning and allowed me to be here now. I worked as a Planning Manager for 7 years in agencies focused on digital marketing and endomarketing, in communication projects for national and multinational companies such as: Telecommunication, Services, Retail, Construction and Manufacturing.


My mission now is to join the strategic side with the creative side and help my clients achieve their business goals by developing animations that increase sales, increase brand exposure, and help train employees by optimizing time and reducing cost.

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